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Yatai Textile develops and manufactures innovative composite pvc coated fabric for construciton, transportation,architecture and outdoor equipment applications.


Yatai textile is the globally recognized leader specialist for technical textiles.Our mission is to discover the many faces of pvc coated fabric.

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  • Roof tarps

    PVC tarps can be used for roof tarps. They provide waterproof, weather-resistant and durable shelter solutions for outdoor events, camping, exhibitions and more.
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  • Cargo Covering

    PVC tarpaulin is often used as a cover during cargo transportation to protect the cargo from external environmental damage, such as wind, rain, sunlight, and dust.
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  • Agricultural Shelter

    PVC tarpaulin can be used as a shelter structure in the agricultural industry to protect crops from extreme weather conditions, such as cold, wind and rain, snow, etc.
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  • Mr Mark from Covertex USA:
    Yatai is the most compatible partner I have worked with in East Asia, we have been working together since 2008, the most important thing is that they always provide pvc tarpaulin with stable quality. What impressed me most is, whenever you contact them,they are always there.
  • Ms Nairne from Panmacher Germany
    I will never forget that I got acute appendicitis when I visited Yatai company this year. Mr Andrea drove me to the emergency at two o'clock am and took good care of me. It was really heartwarming.
  • Mr Steven from Northtarps Australia
    Yatai is always so efficient, they will never delay anything we asked, and always put our needs in their hearts.

According to your needs, customize for you, and provide you wit


    We provide a full set of services from pre-sales to after-sales, and we are ready for 7x24 hours online.


    We dedicate to innovate the functions of vinyls, we are committed to sustainable development.


    We have R&D team with 30 members. We provide customers with a full set of tests in the our lab.We support customers with video guidance on installation and use.



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